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    Do the Mozzie Wipeout Campaign Updates

    Following the campaign launch on 28 April 2013, more than 2000 Dengue Prevention Volunteer Group members have been recruited. Some new introductions include a Dengue Prevention Skit and the Dengue Information Push Carts ...More >

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    Get the Latest Dengue Cluster Locations

    A dengue cluster is formed when 2 or more dengue cases occur within 14 days and the homes of the dengue victims ... More >

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    Get to Know the Colour Coded Dengue Alert System

    The campaign will also help raise residents’ awareness on active cluster areas, through the Dengue Community Alert System ...More >

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    Learn How to Protect Yourself Against Dengue

    In mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, transmission is sustained by infected mosquitoes and infected humans. An infected mosquito bites an uninfected person, infecting him ...More >

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