Do the Mozzie Wipeout Campaign Updates

Since the launch of the "Do the Mozzie Wipeout" campaign on 28 April 2013, over 2000 Dengue Prevention Volunteer Group (DPVG) members have been recruited. These trained volunteers engaged and participated in more than 1000 events to promote dengue awareness in the community. Together with NEA 3P officers, they assisted in explaining dengue-associated risks and precautionary measures through the use of exhibits, educational materials and collaterals.

To further reinforce the campaign message, a dengue prevention skit was conceptualised and rolled out in July 2013 to engage the public through light-hearted performances. The Dengue Information Push Carts, a creativity-infused project involving multi-purpose booths, was subsequently produced and roved to the community. Each of these push carts takes on an all-in-one concept as it showcases the live mosquito exhibit, acts as a game station, screens dengue prevention videos and publicizes relevant social media channels such as the Stop Dengue Now facebook page. The attractive design and user-friendly features have allowed the Dengue Information Push Carts to garner positive responses among event organisers and the public at large.
Dengue prevention skits at community events
Mr Patrick Tay, the Adviser of Nee Soon East launched the Dengue Information Push Carts with trained CERT volunteers on 8 Sep 13 Children learning about dengue prevention from the Dengue Information Push Cart in a library
In a collaboration with the People's Association (PA), more than 300 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers were trained and recruited as DPVG volunteers since the programme's inception on 29 June 2013.  During each training, an NEA 3P officer would give an in-depth briefing on the identification of the Aedes mosquito, dengue fever symptoms and highlight potential breeding habitats. On many occasions, the new DPVGs conducted house visits to educate residents on the importance of dengue prevention and call on them to play their part.

Moving forward, more CERT volunteers will be trained in the fight against dengue.
Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Adviser of Nee Soon Central launched the ‘Training CERTs to DPVGs’ programme with freshly-trained DPVG volunteers on 29 Jun 13 DPVG Training for CERT Volunteers Mr Alex Yam, Adviser of Yew Tee distributing insect repellent