Insect Repellent & Household Pesticide

Role of Repellent & Pesticide in the Control of Mosquito-borne Diseases

Transmission of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue is sustained by infected mosquitoes and infected humans. When an infected mosquito bites an uninfected person, it passes the virus to that person. In turn, when the infected person is bitten by an uninfected mosquito, that mosquito becomes infected and capable of spreading to other uninfected individuals.

Source reduction remains key to our dengue control strategy as it will prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. In the event of an outbreak or when there is high population of adult mosquitoes, chemical control methods such as the application of repellents or use of pesticides can complement source reduction efforts.

Repellents repel mosquitoes, that is, it reduces the chances of being bitten by these insects. In this light, repellent use offers individuals added protection against mosquito-borne diseases. Household pesticides, on the other hand, effectively kill mosquitoes upon direct contact. They can be applied to places where mosquito activities tend to be high, especially dark corners.