NEA & MOE rope in parents in primary school anti-dengue outreach (20 Sept 2007)

For the first time, NEA has partnered MOE in spreading the dengue prevention message to parents of more than 250,000 primary school children. Each child was given a “Protect Yourself and Your Family From Dengue” booklet, which consists of all the relevant information on dengue fever, Aedes Mosquitoes’ life - cycle, its habitat, and tips on prevention in four languages.

To involve the parents, a parent-child dengue prevention activity was introduced through a digital photography competition on "Protect Yourself and Your Family". Participating students were to submit photographs of their families engaging in anti-dengue efforts at home to win attractive prizes for themselves.

One such winner, Gabriel Lau from Lakeside Primary, said, "I felt very happy at winning a prize in the competition. It was fun using the camera to take meaningful photographs. The prizes are wonderful, with the anti-dengue tags on them. My friends and I are proud to have won a total of $1000 for the school. I hope that everyone will be more aware about dengue and carry out tasks that will prevent Aedes mosquitoes from breeding".

Lakeside Primary's principal, Mr Chew Chong Theng reiterated the student's sentiments: "In Lakeside Primary, we believe it is everybody’s job to look after the environment well and ensure that there are no breeding grounds for mosquitoes. We are proud of the pupils’ achievement in the photography competition that enables them to look into ways of protecting themselves and their families against dengue and communicating the message to the public through captivating photographs."

Primary school winners from Lakeside (left) and St Anthony's Canossian (right) celebrate. Vanessa Chan (centre) of St. Anthony's gets her family involved in anti-dengue efforts at home.